new york

Sometimes it is nice when it rains

I feel a type of nostalgia for the rain. The chances of a big storm are always remote so when it happens I am happy to stand out on the balcony and watch the lightning and listen to the thunder.

Dead Bird


The image above has never been reasonably explained. It comes from a book like some others that have yet to be understood. Not so much a mystery that will help to tell our future but more a portfolio of art and strangeness by an architect. It still remains a mystery why the artist produced the book but in its shear beauty it is one of my favourites though I have yet to buy my own personal copy as the price tag is far above a person like myself can afford.

You can always buy it for me if you want ! !

There are many other books which do give us an insight into the future and some have never been interpreted. The Voynich Manuscript is one. It is still not known if the manuscript is just a fake or something that can be interpreted. So far no one has unlocked the code though many have tried. This book is also of great value and kept away from the public view but it is available through searching the internet.